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EVN observations are open to any astronomer (with and without expertises in the VLBI technique).
JIVE provides support to astronomers through the EVN User Support, specially for those who are not specialised in VLBI.
If you are interested in submitting a proposal to the EVN, support is offered for proposal preparation, scheduling, and processing of EVN projects. JIVE staff are also able to support EVN users with data analysis.


You can reach the EVN User Support at:


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Send us an email and we will prompty answer you.

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Connect with us via chat and see our answers to other users' doubts.


Technical staff at all EVN observatories can be reached via the EVN tech email exploder.

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Contact information for specific individuals, stations and institutes in the EVN



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Contacts at JIVE

EVN Correlator chief, head of the User Support group, PC Chair, and disk shipments.

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Institutes and stations contact information

List of all associated institutes and stations, and EVN officers.

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EVN ToO Proposal Distribution

Do you want to request an EVN ToO observation? Find here the contact details to submit it.