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Travel support

If you are interested in submitting a proposal to the EVN, support is offered through the EVN’s central organisation JIVE for proposal preparation, scheduling, and correlation of EVN projects. JIVE staff are also able to support EVN users with data analysis. 

For further information please contact the head of the User Support Group and the head of the Science Operations Group at JIVE.


JIVE can also provide travel support to members of research team associated with projects that meet the eligibility criteria of the EC’s RadioNet Trans-National Access Program . Typically, this travel would be to JIVE for support with the analysis of their EVN data (including joint MERLIN or global VLBI observations). Modern workstations, all running the latest versions of AIPS and Difmap, are available in the JIVE visitor's facility.

For further information please refer to the Visiting JIVE page or contact the head of User Support Group  at JIVE.

Visits to other EVN institutes for the purposes of analysing eligible projects can also receive support through JIVE. Funds for this activity are made available through the EC’s RadioNet trans-national access program. Starting in March 2021, the Opticon-RadioNet Pilot program, funded by the EC Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, re-establishes the possibility of new travel subsidies for members of the research team of eligible projects via the trans-national access (TNA) program. For the EVN, “eligible” in general means that:

  • The Principal Investigator is from an institute in a country of the EU or Associated States.
  • The same criterion, but applied collectively to 50% or more of the individual members of the research team.
  • The research team is defined by the co-authors listed on the observing proposal, and the association of researcher with institute remains fixed at that shown on the proposal.

The trans-national access support includes travel reimbursement for visits to JIVE in order to analyse and process EVN, EVN-MERLIN or global VLBI Data. In general, the Principal Investigator may select one member of the project team to receive this travel support. Further information on access to the EVN through the EC’s Opticon RadioNet Pilot TNA program can be obtained from the head of the Science Operations Group at JIVE.


Institutional contact

Technical staff at all EVN observatories can be reached via the EVN tech email exploder.

To contact individual institutes directly please see the organisations page for direct links to institutional websites.