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The European VLBI Network

Providing the sharpest view on the universe.
Deadlines for proposals are on 1 February, 1 June and 1 October 16:00 UTC following the call for proposals.

The European VLBI Network (EVN) is a network of radio telescopes located primarily in Europe and Asia, with additional antennas in South Africa and Puerto Rico, which performs very high angular resolution observations of cosmic radio sources. The EVN is the most sensitive VLBI array in the world, and the only one capable of real-time observations. Access to the EVN is an "open skies" facility. Astronomers who are not specialised in the VLBI technique are encouraged to make use of the network. Support for proposal preparation, scheduling, and correlation of EVN projects is provided by the Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC (JIVE). JIVE staff are also able to support EVN users with data analysis, for the best science to emerge.



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JIVE is the central organisation of the European VLBI Network. JIVE’s primary task is to operate the data processor for the European VLBI Network. JIVE also provides support to the world-wide EVN user community and supports EVN operations. JIVE is hosted by the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON).