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Short Requests

Short requests are intended for short exploratory observations, such as checking calibrators or the feasibility of an observational setup, in preparation for a VLBI observation or proposal. Short requests are not intended as short scientific observations and will have no proprietary time; after correlation and pipeline calibration they become public through the EVN Archive

Short requests must use standard observing and recording modes. They will be scheduled on a best effort basis. The observing time (≤ 4 hours) should be justified in the request; shorter projects may be easier to schedule.

The format of short observation proposals should include:

  • A brief motivation, up to 250 words.
  • The coordinates of the target(s) and calibrator(s).
  • The calibrator coordinates.
  • The observing time justification.
  • The frequency band.
  • The GST range.
  • Essential stations for the observation.
  • any other information necessary for central scheduling by JIVE staff, e.g. preferred phase-referencing cycle (in case the short observation runs during an e-EVN session).

The proposal must be sent via email to the EVN Programme Committee Chair, with the EVN Scheduler and the Head of Science Operations in JIVE in copy.


Disk-recording observations

  • Requested observing time is ≤ 4 hours.

  • Short requests can be submitted up to six weeks before the beginning of a session.


e-VLBI observations

  • Requested observing time is ≤ 4 hours

  • Short requests can be submitted up to three weeks prior to any e-VLBI run.