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Correlation of disk-based observations at JIVE are conducted on the EVN software correlator at JIVE (SFXC).

The EVN software correlator at JIVE allows pulsar gating/binning, more than 2048 spectral points across each subband/polarization, and multiple correlation phase-centers.


At Bonn

Limited time may be available for the correlation of EVN experiments on the Bonn DiFX Correlator, but only by arrangement with MPIfR correlator staff prior to proposal submission. Suitable projects will be those for which the scientific advantage of using the MPIfR Correlator is given in the proposal, or those which include an MPIfR collaborator who wishes to have a closer “hands-on” approach to the data flow.


Global VLBI Projects

Global VLBI projects can be processed either by the EVN correlator at JIVE or the VLBA correlator at Socorro. A specific correlator may be requested for technical reasons, which should be explained in the proposal.


Non-EVN observations

It is possible to submit a proposal just for the use of the EVN correlator.