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Correlator-only proposals

With a correlator-only proposal, investigators apply for time on the JIVE correlator to correlate their observations. These observations may include 'non-EVN' stations. The correlator-only proposal cannot ask for any observing time on EVN antennas via the EVN PC (nor will this be granted). The EVN PC's acceptance of a correlator-only proposal does therefore not result in any time being subtracted from an Observatory's commitment of time to the EVN.

The actual observations must be organised by the Principal Investigator, in separate coordination with the desired participating observatories themselves.

In the proposal, the Principal Investigator must thus:

  • discuss the observations organised by the proposal team themselves
  • demonstrate the availability of disks for the recording of the observations (correlator-only projects are not allowed to access the EVN disk pool)
  • comment on the plan/estimated timeline for observations, data delivery to JIVE and the correlation preparation (including the timely notification of the correlation to JIVE Science operations).

These proposals are to be submitted during the regular call for proposals via the NorthStar proposal tool.

Proposals are judged by the EVN Programme Committee following the standard process and if accepted, will be recognised as EVN projects.