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Submission process


Proposals must be received by 23:59:59 UTC on 1 June 2019.



Before submission the PI should ensure that all named co-proposers have given their consent to be included in the list of investigators. All communication between the Proposer(s), and the EVN Program Committee or Scheduler will be via the Contact Author designated in the proposal.


How to submit

  • All EVN and GLOBAL VLBI proposals (except target-of-opportunity proposals) must be submitted with the on-line NorthStar proposal tool.

  • Any proposal may contain disk-based and/or e-VLBI observations. 

  • Proposals can optionally include e-MERLIN and/or telescopes of EVN affiliates (e.g. NASA DSN, Kunming Radio Observatory; see the help associated with the array-selection table within the “Observing Request” tab in the NorthStar tool). Note that e-MERLIN can be requested in disk-based and e-VLBI observations.

  • Global proposals will be copied to both the EVN and to NRAO for assessment; proposers should not themselves submit to NRAO. 

  • Requests for inclusion of any other antennas or resources NOT AFFILIATED with the EVN or NRAO should be indicated in the proposal, but the PROPOSER MUST SEND A COPY (printable file can be downloaded from NorthStar) to the Director/Scheduler of the observatory involved, and will be responsible for arranging all aspects of their participation, including observing support, disk supply and acquiring telescope time for the EVN time allocated. See also the Code of Practice for operational details.

  • Proposers WHO DO NOT REQUEST THE EVN, and in particular proposers who request only the VLBA, the VLBA + Effelsberg alone, the HSA, or the Global 3mm VLBI Array should NOT use NorthStar but follow instructions in the call for proposals issued by these institutions and networks separately.


Guidelines on using Northstar

  • Prior to the first time using Northstar, people should register. Once in the proposal tool itself, enter the information about the investigators and the technical specifications of the proposed observations using the on-line forms, and upload a scientific justification in pdf or ps format. The preparation of the scientific justification is a separate activity that can take place at any time.

  • Once you have registered, you can create, edit, preview, and, eventually submit proposals. Online help is available. An email notification will be sent by Northstar to all co-proposers when a proposal is submitted.

  • NorthStar supports retraction, further editing, and resubmission of proposals until the deadline. The final submission remains the responsibility of the Contact author (others can view or even edit but not submit or retract a proposal).

  • Proposers are STRONGLY ADVISED to prepare and submit proposals A FEW DAYS BEFORE the deadline. This provides some flexibility in case problems are encountered, and time to contact JIVE for assistance.

  • To enable proposals that contain both e-VLBI and disk-based components, the NorthStar tool has consolidated e-EVN observations into the EVN+MERLIN and GLOBAL proposal classes. A single proposal can now request e-VLBI and/or disk-based observations. You can choose each “observation” within the proposal to be e-VLBI or disk-based, independently of any other observations it may contain. 

  • A single proposal may contain both ”GLOBAL” and EVN-only observations. Such proposal should be submitted as ”GLOBAL”.

  • Based on requests from the EVN user community, the EVN CBD has decided that the abstracts of any proposal (including ToOs and Short observations) submitted starting from the October 1 2017 deadline that receive observing time will become public at the EVN Data Archive (



If you are ready to submit, please click HERE to go to Northstar