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Running FITLD

If your data are on a DAT tape, mount the tape using MOUNT and set the parameters INTAPE and NFILES. If your data are on disk (either downloaded or from CD/DVD), set INFILE including the logical name of the FITS disk (see Chapter 3.10 in the AIPS Cookbook). Choose an output disk (OUTDISK) with plenty of space. We recommend that the data are not written out in compressed format (DOUVCOMP= -1) DOCONCAT and NCOUNT are only needed if your data are in multiple FITS files. Set CLINT to the desired time interval between calibration entries per antenna in the first CL table, which is created by FITLD. This should be less than the coherence time. The DIGICOR parameter has no effect for data from the JIVE correlator and can safely be ignored.

>CLINT 1/6

Stefanie Muehle 2008-01-28