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Example: N02L1

To demonstrate the various stages of EVN data calibration we will use as illustration a real data set, the network monitoring experiment (NME) N02L1. N02L1 is an L-band (1.7 GHz) experiment that was observed in February 2002. Eight stations participated: Effelsberg, Medicina, Westerbork, Onsala, Torun, Jodrell Bank (Lovell), Urumqi and Shanghai. The experiment was phase-referenced, nodding between a bright (1 Jy) source (J1159+2914) and a not-so-bright (10 mJy) source (FIRST_051) for a total of five hours. There were short observations of two bright ``fringe-finder'' sources, OQ208 and J0927+3902. Both RCP and LCP polarizations were recorded.

Stefanie Muehle 2008-01-28