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Reading the antab file (VLBA)

The calibration tables (TY and GC) should already be attached to the data if the data were correlated at Socorro. If not, then the $T_{\mathrm{sys}}$ information for the VLBA antennas (xxxxxcal.vlba) is available at, where mmmyy is the month and year (e.g., aug03) and xxxxx is the project code (e.g., bz199). The gain curve information (vlba_gains.key) can be downloaded via anonymous ftp to (cd to the pub directory). Concatenate these files and run the task VLOG on the output. Run ANTAB as with the EVN data, but use the xxxxx.TSYS file created by VLOG. Create new TY and GC tables or write into the existing ones, whichever you prefer.

Stefanie Muehle 2008-01-28