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5 Amplitude calibration

Copy the CL2 table from the TASAV file to your multi-source file. This is done using TACOP as with the FG table in Section 4. The amplitude calibration can be checked in POSSM, VPLOT and UVPLT. Any discrepancies between the theoretical sensitivities of the antennas (listed in the EVN status table) and the sensitivities implied by the measured system temperatures and gain curves will have been noted on the EVN Data Archive webpages.

If the pipeline output is not available i.e. if your data were correlated at Socorro, then a number of procedures are required to calibrate the amplitudes. They are described in Appendix A.

To also calibrate the weights according to the antenna sensitivity whenever the data are calibrated in AIPS, the DOCALIB parameter should be set to 2. The effect of calibrating the weights can be seen in Fig. 4 when compared to Fig. 1.


Stefanie Muehle 2008-01-28