Session: Sep 1997 (session 3)
Frequency: 3.6/13 cm


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Experiment Feedback

Effelsberg (Walter Alef at Wed Oct 1 12:44:48 METDST 1997) Minor failures
No known problems. Cable cal may be bad.

HartRAO (Jonathan Quick at Wed Oct 1 13:00:21 METDST 1997) Success
No known problems

Medicina (C. Bortolotti at Wed Oct 1 14:12:04 METDST 1997) Success
no known problems.

Onsala (John Conway at Fri Oct 3 11:03:57 METDST 1997) Success
No known problems

Urumqi (Li Suqin at Tue Oct 7 05:12:02 METDST 1997) Success
It is a fine day. H_maser to GPS offset is 2.6us, formater out to GPS offset is 2.5us. Tcal should be 10.3K. No P_cal signal, No problem found during observation.

Calibration (Fredrik T Rantakyro at Wed Nov 5 16:06:36 MET 1997) Minor failures
The ANTAB formatted TSYS information can be found on VLBEER in the SEP97 directory. The file is called ea10d.antab and contains the latest antenna calibration information.

MPIfR ( Walter Alef at Wed Dec 10 09:52:04 MET 1997) Success
Crimea and Madrid did not observe. Fringes with EFLSBERG, SESHAN25, MEDICINA, NOTO, ONSALA60, URUMQI, HARTRAO, MATERA. Clock jump at Effelsberg at the reported time due to MK4 formatter! Good quality data. Bad track Shanghai, Bad BBC Medicina.