PI: Alef
Title: Andromedae

Session: Oct 1996 (session 3)
Frequency: 3.6 cm
Mode: A
Obs time (UT): 303 EU 14:00(29/10)-04:00(30/10)
Stations: EbNtOnShSmUrWb
Processor: Bonn
EU Mk3 Tapes/St.: 3


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Experiment Feedback

Onsala (J,. Conway, A. Polatidis at Wed Oct 30 03:59:28 EST 1996) Success
No known problems

Effelsberg (Walter Alef at Wed Oct 30 09:29:18 EST 1996) Success
Only known problems known.

Shanghai (Huang Xinyong at Tue Nov 5 03:52:27 EST 1996) Success
No problems. Clock offset 0.1 micro sec. Weather was cloudy.

OAN\-Yebes (Pablo de Vicente at Tue Nov 5 08:40:36 EST 1996) Minor failures
Some scans we arrived late. See logs. Between 303 00:23:30 - 00:55:06 we only tracked one source LAMAND

Noto (Corrado Trigilio at Tue Nov 5 11:33:21 EST 1996) Minor failures
Some problems with the antenna at 15:03 and 15:20 for some minuts. The operator reported additional antenna problems at the begin of the 3th tape: the first two passes have been lost. Good sky conditions.

Urumqi (Liu Xiang at Tue Nov 19 03:43:46 EST 1996) Success
Clock offset 0.1+/-0.5us. Heavy rain and snow.

MPIfR (Walter Alef at Tue Sep 23 17:25:38 METDST 1997) Minor failures
Crimea did not observe. Rest O.K. Fringes for: Eb, Sh, Nt, On, Ur, Ye, Ro