Session: Feb 2018 (out-of-session)
Wavelength: 7 mm


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Experiment Feedback

Green_Bank (Bob Campbell (for Frank Ghigo) at Mon Feb 05 15:22:52 2018) Minor failures: WIND
The GK052 experiment (aka AG17B_003_01) run at the GBT with the 43 GHz receiver did not start on time due to a snow storm. We were finally on source by about 09:30 UT and the remainder of the experiment looks ok. The peaks mostly look good, and the Tsys is about 75K.

Yebes (Javier González at Tue Feb 06 09:40:52 2018) Minor failures: TSYS
Not valid calibration data until 7:20 UT. Low power detected until 08:00 UT, probably not enough SNR in some channels.

KVN_Yonsei (Taehyun at Fri Feb 09 02:12:21 2018) Success:

KVN_Ulsan (Taehyun at Fri Feb 09 02:12:28 2018) Success:

KVN_Tamna (Taehyun at Fri Feb 09 02:12:35 2018) Success:

Effelsberg (Uwe at Tue Feb 13 12:08:31 2018) Minor failures: WIND
Stopped because of snow fall from 4 to 5:20 UT.