Session: Oct 2015 (session 3)
Wavelength: 6 cm


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Experiment Feedback

Urumqi (Peng Li at Sat Oct 31 11:29:29 2015) Failure:
Because the VEX file is incorrect, the generated PRC file can't be used.

Yebes (Daniel Valero at Sat Oct 31 11:38:47 2015) Minor failures:
DBBC low power

Medicina (roma at Sat Oct 31 12:10:32 2015) Success:
all scaan recorded. clear sky

Noto (C.Contavalle at Sat Oct 31 12:28:53 2015) Minor failures:RECE FS
No comment found that indicate fw change needed The right firmware loaded at 7:30 utc

Badary (Zhukova,Podlosinskaya,Lysakova at Sat Oct 31 13:54:56 2015) Success:

Svetloe (Slobojaninova N. at Sat Oct 31 13:55:12 2015) Success:

Zelenchukskaya (Kiselev P. at Sat Oct 31 16:07:21 2015) Success:

Hartebeesthoek (Jonathan Quick at Sat Oct 31 18:40:57 2015) Success:
Sources had set for last 3 scans. No other known problems (recorded with v105E firmware).

Torun (Pawel Wolak at Sun Nov 01 15:27:40 2015) Success:

Noto ( at Sun Nov 01 21:19:28 2015) Minor failures:

Onsala (Jun Yang at Mon Nov 02 08:53:35 2015) Success:
No known problems. The dbbc firmware of DDC V105E_1 was used.

Westerbork (Geert Kuper at Mon Nov 02 11:20:11 2015) Minor failures: TSYS
All Tsys values '0' due to LO value restriction in rxg file.

Hartebeesthoek (Jonathan Quick at Tue Nov 03 07:46:14 2015) Minor failures: TSYS
The V105E firmware has serious 'birdies' which are contaminating the Tsys badly in many channels.

Effelsberg (Uwe Bach at Thu Nov 05 10:56:43 2015) Success: