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Session: Nov 1997 (session 4)
Wavelengths: 6 1.3 3.6 18 cm


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Entire Session Feedback

Westerbork (Tony Foley at Fri Nov 7 08:58:11 MET 1997) Minor failures
Using the prototype MFFE as single-dish in RT7 again

JIVE (Lorant Sjouwerman at Wed Dec 17 17:00:57 MET 1997) Success
Network monitoring report of C-band and L-band session (c97c4a.ps and c97l4.ps). The second C-band experiment (c97c4b.ps) report will follow later.

JIVE (Lorant Sjouwerman at Tue Apr 7 17:01:21 METDST 1998) Success
Second C-band report is also available there (c97c4b.ps)