Session: Mar 2007 (session 1)
Wavelength: 5 cm


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Experiment Feedback

Medicina (orlati andrea at Sat Mar 17 00:05:11 2007) Minor failures : RFI

Onsala (Michael Lindqvist at Sat Mar 17 06:03:09 2007) Minor failures :
Could only observe until 21 UTC. Wind speed to high after that. The operator did not terminate the schedule though so the the recorded scans after 21 UTC are useless.

Westerbork (Tony Foley at Sat Mar 17 11:48:52 2007) Success :
Single dish was used. Please change the coordinates in the vexfile accordingly. Looks OK

Torun (K.Borkowski at Mon Mar 19 06:23:32 2007) Minor failures : RECE HIGH
Observing effective only in one channel (see notes for F07M1 and N07M1).

Effelsberg (A. Polatidis at Tue Mar 20 11:27:03 2007) Success :
No known problems

Jodrell_Bank (Alastair Gunn at Tue Mar 20 15:06:26 2007) Success :
The MkII telescope was used (Jb2). No known problems.

Cambridge (Alastair Gunn at Tue Mar 20 15:06:47 2007) Success :
No known problems.

Noto (P. Cassaro at Sun Mar 25 23:14:41 2007) Minor failures : SCHED
Antenna slewing in a number of source changes.