Session: Jun 2013 (session 2)
Wavelength: 18 cm


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Experiment Feedback

Medicina (orfei at Tue Jun 04 10:21:34 2013) Success:

Noto (paterno at Tue Jun 04 10:22:01 2013) Success:

Onsala (Michael Lindqvist at Tue Jun 04 10:35:52 2013) Minor failures: RECO
Lost time between 05.17-06.40 UTC due to problems with the Mark5B+ We are not (yet) sure if it is the 16 TB packs or the Mark5B+ itself. We have had several isssues with the B+ during the session.

Westerbork (Geert Kuper at Tue Jun 04 10:37:39 2013) Success:

Svetloe (Andreeva at Tue Jun 04 11:02:08 2013) Success:

Zelenchukskaya (Ptitcin A. at Tue Jun 04 11:03:22 2013) Minor failures:
Scans no0049-no0065 missed due to power failure.

Badary (Panova I. at Tue Jun 04 11:03:48 2013) Success:

Urumqi (Wenjun Yang at Tue Jun 04 11:31:05 2013) Success:

Effelsberg (Uwe Bach at Tue Jun 04 14:28:07 2013) Success: RFI
Serve RFI over the whole band every 1.5 hours, BBC Tsys increasing from 30K to 80-100K. Maybe a satellite?

Torun (K. Borkowski at Wed Jun 05 05:39:38 2013) Success:
No known problems.