Session: June 2008 (session 2)
Wavelength: 5 cm


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Experiment Feedback

Medicina (Fiocchi Franco at Fri Jun 13 18:19:28 2008) Success :

Onsala (Michael Lindqvist at Sat Jun 14 06:41:05 2008) Success :
Used setup02 around 17:05 to solve problem with Cm.

Hartebeesthoek (Jonathan Quick at Sat Jun 14 08:09:55 2008) Success :
No known problems

Westerbork (Geert Kuper at Sun Jun 15 11:24:36 2008) Success :
Single dish was used. Please change the coordinates in the vexfile accordingly. No known problems

Torun (Kaz Borkowski at Mon Jun 16 06:37:44 2008) Success :
No known problems.

Effelsberg (Uwe Bach at Mon Jun 16 08:58:52 2008) Success : HIGH
Tsys in IF1 some K higher than usual and higher than in IF2. Also for the following experiments. No time to check this further, but will be checked after the session.

Jodrell_Bank (Alastair Gunn at Thu Jun 19 10:39:04 2008) Success :
The MkII telescope was used (Jb2). No known problems.

Cambridge (Alastair Gunn at Thu Jun 19 10:40:02 2008) Minor failures :
Band overlap present for second setup which may give some decorrelation. Attempts to correct LO scheme failed. No other known problems.

Noto (P. Cassaro at Wed Jun 25 10:48:48 2008) Success :