PI: Sanghera
Title: DA193, mode E test

Test: Jan 1997
Frequency: 6 cm
Mode: E
Obs time (UT): 13 EU 17:30(13/01)-18:30(13/01)
Stations: EbJbMcOnWb
Processor: Bonn
EU Mk3 Tapes/St.: 1


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Experiment Feedback

Westerbork (tony foley at Mon Jan 13 13:29:33 EST 1997) Minor failures
Used telescope RT7 at position: X=3828647.18 Y=-443450.02 Z=5064923.08 (this is ~144m east of RT6, used in December) System temp equivalent ~ 2400Jy Linear polarization NO phasecal (unit is broken) Note also that VC11 and VC12 have been swapped from their positions in the December tests. I also found that the parity procedures needed editing for the 3-track offset from MkIII to MkIV.

Effelsberg (dgraham at Tue Jan 14 02:23:29 EST 1997) Failure
Did not observe as experiment outside agreed time slot. Also our field system is still 9.3.3, not 9.3.5 required for ModeE test, so no point in doing this experiment for us.

Jodrell (Alastair Gunn at Tue Jan 14 05:51:46 EST 1997) Failure
At the start of this experiment we noticed that the signal had disappeared. This may have happened during the previous experiment (CT97C) but we think not. We identified the problem as a possible loose cable at the focus box. However, the signal occassionally appeared (e.g. for about 5 minutes at 17:55) so there may be some valid data recorded, although the correlators will have to look hard for it. At 18:19 UT we drove the telescope to the horizon to investigate the problem. After C97TE had finished the lost signal re-appeared and has been okay ever since - weird! There were no other known problems with the schedule. Weather overcast, dry, occassional sunny periods, wind calm. Tape JPL00852,9584 shipped to Bonn with Woodcroft on Tuesday 14th January 1997.

Medicina (Tiziana Venturi at Tue Jan 14 10:40:40 EST 1997) Success
The experiment ran without apparent problems. For all C97T experiments, the weather was very nice and dry during the observations. All tapes were sent to Bonn on Jan. 14th via C&C carrier.

Onsala (John Conway at Tue Jan 14 11:42:54 EST 1997) Minor failures
Probless with loss of vacumn at start of the two forward passes, investigating this, bad tape or recorder problems. A few minutes of data lost from each pass due to late start of forward passes and early stop to reverse pass.