Session: Feb 2018 (session 1)
Wavelength: 18 cm


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Experiment Feedback

Medicina (orfei at Mon Feb 26 17:01:55 2018) Success:

Badary (Sorokovikov, Alakova, Zhiritskaya at Mon Feb 26 19:12:25 2018) Success:

Zelenchukskaya (Ptitcin A. at Mon Feb 26 19:12:45 2018) Success:

Svetloe (Shumilova at Mon Feb 26 19:13:01 2018) Success:

Tianma65 (Bo Xia at Mon Feb 26 23:40:04 2018) Success:

Urumqi (PengLi at Tue Feb 27 03:23:27 2018) Success:
Because of the same amplitude of cross polarization and parallel polarization, circular polarization is changed into linear polarization.

Onsala (Jun Yang at Tue Feb 27 12:10:47 2018) Success:
No known problems.

Effelsberg (Uwe at Wed Feb 28 09:50:55 2018) Minor failures: WIND ANT
Started late because of snow fall. On source 12:45 UT. Stopped because of sub-reflector control problems at 15:15 UT.

Westerbork (Blaauw at Fri Mar 02 14:27:11 2018) Minor failures:
Since there where no fringes during the fringe test, this observation is probably useless to you. SCAN_CHECK failed for scan no0010

Torun (Pawel Wolak at Tue Mar 06 10:13:31 2018) Success: