Session: Feb 2005 (session 1)
Wavelength: 6 cm


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Experiment Feedback

Arecibo (T. Ghosh, C. Salter and E. Momjian at Mon Feb 28 11:55:29 2005) Minor failures : LATE
We just completed this run at Arecibo and 5 disk-packs are ready to be sent to JIVE (hopefully conatining good data). We have had a few problems listed below: (1) Due to a local networking problem, telescope control was frozen for the first two sources. So, please ignore those two scans. (2)During this weekend, due to a techincal fault (difficult to repair over a short notice without stopping all other observations), caused the automatic platform tie-down jack adjustement system to quit. This resulted in somewhat reduced gain and bigger than usual point error at C-band even though the platform height was kept at the optimal position, and was adjusted twice mannually. We will send our best estimates for these quantities (i.e. SEFD vs Time) soon. (3) Disk change-over happened smoothely. However, at this highest rate recording, we found that a disk replacement during recording resulted in messages such as , "recording throttled..." even though FS was not sending any commands at that time to the Mk5 computer. So, some data points around UT 21:10 might not be usuable.

Effelsberg (A. Kraus at Tue Mar 1 16:08:03 2005) Minor failures : WIND RECO
stop due to snow: UT1200-1215. MK5 problems (recording stopped during a run - probably a bad disk) - reboot of MK5 necessary, lost UT1544-1620.