Session: Feb 2004 (session 1)
Wavelength: 1.3 cm


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Experiment Feedback

Urumqi (yang wen jun at Wed Feb 4 10:01:17 2004) Minor failures :
Because we can't add the noise to the VC, so we can't test the Tsys. the reason of trouble need to check carefully.

Effelsberg (A. Kraus at Wed Feb 4 10:21:02 2004) Success :

Onsala (Michael Lindqvist at Wed Feb 4 10:31:44 2004) Success :
No known problems.

Medicina (Andrea Orlati at Wed Feb 4 11:14:04 2004) Success :
no known problems

Jodrell_Bank (Alastair Gunn at Wed Feb 4 12:33:39 2004) Success :
Heavy rain throughout. Recorded using Mk5. No known problems.

Cambridge (Alastair Gunn at Wed Feb 4 12:34:20 2004) Success :
Heavy rain throughout. Recorded on tape. Remapped system tracks to 0,1,15,35 to avoid bad track. No known problems.

Metsahovi (Ari Mujunen at Thu Feb 5 10:37:49 2004) Minor failures : WIND RECO TSYS HIGH PCAL
Besides missing phasecal and a stuck TPI of IF distr C, just the normal VLBI weather of heavy rain and thus high Tsys...

Noto (P.Cassaro at Thu Feb 5 18:51:12 2004) Success :
No known problems

Shanghai (Xinyong Huang at Sun Feb 8 04:37:07 2004) Success :
The phasecal signal only was added in LCP channel.