PI: Gurvits
Title: MkIV/VLBA and VSOP test

Test: Dec 1996
Frequency: 6 cm
Obs time (UT): 349 EU 06:00(14/12)-12:10(14/12)
Stations: EbFdHnJbMcOnScTrWb
Processor: Socc
EU Mk3 Tapes/St.: Europe 2 (thick), VLBA 1 (thin)


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Experiment Feedback

Effelsberg (d graham at Sat Dec 14 02:49:06 EST 1996) Minor failures
fmtr time 1 minute ahead on first scan. Snow in dish reduces gain

Onsala (A. Polatidis, J. Conway at Sat Dec 14 07:29:23 EST 1996) Success
No known problems. Schedule did not allow time for long slews. Consequently the scan 0622-0629 (4th scan on 1st tape) does not have any data and the scan 1017-1024 (4th scan on 2nd tape) contains valid data for the last two minutes. Light snow and winds 3-4m/s.

Jodrell (Alastair Gunn at Mon Dec 16 03:17:06 EST 1996) Minor failures
Still have problems with some odd Mk 4 tracks due to interface card. Schedule did not allow adequate slew times. Fourth scan on source by 06:27 UT, 13th scan on source by 07:32 UT, scan 22 missed, scan 23 on source by 08:47 UT. First tape (NRL00023, EC8E) was not that sent by correlator. Other tape JODR0039, 9341. Tapes sent 16th December 1996 to Socorro via Fedex. Weather calm but cloudy. No other known problems.