EVN/JIVE Symposium No. 3

On-line Preprints from the
3rd EVN/JIVE Symposium
Held In Observatorio Astronómico Nacional
Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain.
24-25th October 1996

Edited by

M.A. Garrett
Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe,
Postbus 2, 7990 AA Dwingeloo, The Netherlands


F. Colomer
Observatorio Astronómico Nacional (IGN),
Campus Universitario, Apartado 1143,
E-28800 Alcalá de Henares, Spain.

To be Published in Vistas in Astronomy.

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    Stellar VLBI

    EVN Maps of 5 cm Line OH Emission from Star-Forming Regions
    J.F. Desmurs, A. Baudry and D. Graham
    (Obsservatoire de Bordeaux, France; and MPIfR, Germany)

    VLBA Multi-epoch Full Polarization Observations of SiO Masers
    P.J. Diamond, A.J. Kemball and D.A. Boboltz
    (NRAO, Socorro, USA)

    FG3: Spatial and Frequency Modeling of Circumstellar Masers
    F. Colomer, K.M. Menten, and M.J. Reid
    (OAN, Yebes, Spain; MPIfR, Germany; and Harvard CfA, USA)

    Expansion of SN 1993J: New 6 and 13 cm Images
    J.M. Marcaide, A. Alberdi, E. Ros, et al.
    (University of Valencia, Spain; IAA-LAEFF, Spain; etc)

    New VLBI Observations of SS433
    A.M. Stirling, R.E. Spencer and S.K. Watson
    (NRAL, UK)

    Relativistic Outflows from Radio Emitting X-ray Binaries
    R.E. Spencer, S. Newell and M.A. Garrett
    (NRAL, UK; and JIVE, The Netherlands)

    Radio-wave Diagnostics of Interstellar Flares in Binary Systems
    A.V. Ipatov and A.V. Stepanov
    (IAA, Russia; Pulkovo Observatory, Russia)


    High Precision Astrometry with Closure Constraints: the Triplet 1803+784/1928+738/2007+777
    E. Ros, J.M. Marcaide, J.C. Guirado, et al.
    (University of Valencia, Spain; JPL, USA; etc)

    Phase-Referencing in "Cluster-Cluster" VLBI Mode
    M.J. Rioja, E. Stevens, L. Gurvits, et al.
    (JIVE, The Netherlands; ASC, Moscow; MPIfR, Germany; etc)

    VLBI (Polarisation) Observations of Jets in AGN

    A Multi-frequency VLBA Polarization Study of 3C 309
    S.E. Aaron, J.F.C. Wardle and D.H. Roberts
    (JIVE, The Netherlands; MPIfR, Germany; Brandeis University, USA)

    A Polarization Study of Quasar 4C71.07
    J.M. Hutchison and T.V. Cawthorne
    (University of Central Lancashire, UK)

    VLBI Polarization Observations of Intraday Variability
    D.C. Gabuzda and P.Y. Kochanev
    (ASC, Moscow, Russia; SAI, Moscow, Russia)

    EVN-MERLIN Observations of 3C66B
    D. Fraix-Burnet, V. Despringre and A. Baudry
    (Obs. de Grenoble; Obs. Midi-Pyrenees; Obs. de Bordeaux, France)

    EVN and MERLIN Observations of the FR 1 Radio Galaxy 3C264
    L. Lara, G. Giovannini, W.D. Cotton, et al.
    (IRA, Italy & IAA, Spain; Universitá di Bologna, Italy; NRAO, USA; etc)

    EVN Observations of the BL Lac Object 1219+285
    P. Charlot, H. Sol and L. Vicente
    (Observatoire de Paris; Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France)

    Spectral Imaging: Shock Fronts and Plasma Instabilities
    A.P. Lobanov, E. Carrara, J.A. Zensus
    (MPIfR, Germany; and NRAO, USA)

    Particle acceleration and energy spectra in extragalactic radiosources
    A. Ferrari and D.B. Melrose
    (Univ. di Torino, Italy; and Univ. of Sydney, Australia).

    Surveys, mas-Scale Structure and mm-VLBI

    Multi-frequency VLBI Observations of Faint GPS Sources from WENSS
    I.A.G. Snellen, R.T. Schilizzi, A.G. de Bruyn, et al.
    (Leiden Observatory; JIVE; NFRA; Kapteyn Labs, The Netherlands)

    On the Milliarcsecond Scale Structural Properties of Low and High Redshift Quasars
    S. Frey and L.I. Gurvitzs
    (FOMI Satellite Geodetic Observatory, Hungary; JIVE, The Netherlands.)

    Geodetic VLBI Observations of the Gamma-bright Blazar 0528+134
    S. Britzen and T.P. Krichbaum
    (MPIfR, Germany)

    Multi-epoch VLBA 15 and 43 GHz Observations of the Gravitational Lens PKS 1830-211: Extending VLBI towards the Micro-arcsecond Scale
    M.A. Garrett, S. Nair, R.W. Porcas and Alok Patnaik
    (JIVE, The Netherlands; NRAL, UK; MPIfR, Germany)

    Technical Contributions

    Non-Closing Errors in EVN Data
    M. Massi, M. Rioja, D. Gabuzda, et al.
    (Obs. di Arcetri, Italy; JIVE, The Netherlands; ASC, Russia; etc)

    High Dynamic Range Imaging with the EVN
    K. Leppanen, M. Massi, M. Rioja and H. Sanghera
    (JIVE, The Netherlands)

    The S2 VLBI System
    W.H. Cannon, D. Baer, G. Feil, et al.
    (York University/SGL, Toronto, Canada; DRAO, Canada; etc)

    Future Prospects

    Future Prospects of the upgraded EVN
    R.T. Schilizzi
    (JIVE, The Netherlands)

    EVN Observations with the MkIV System
    H.J. van Langevelde
    (JIVE, The Netherlands)

    The Australian LBA - Status and Developments
    A.K. Tzioumis
    (ATNF, Australia)

    Space VLBI - Today and Tomorrow
    L.I. Gurvits
    (JIVE, The Netherlands

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